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They are a group of artists who act under this name as a single person.
Rubén and Michi began painting together in Madrid in 1996 and in 2003 Luisjo joined.
They carry out their activity mainly in the field of painting, combined with other disciplines such as ceramics, screen printing, engraving and illustration.
His figurative paintings full of symbolism are described as narrative, dreamlike and disturbing.

- Superior Technician of Plastic Arts and Design in Textile Art. School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades nº2. Madrid
- Fashion Design. High Fashion School. Madrid
- Engraving Workshop. School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades nº10. Madrid
- Graphic design. CEDECO. Madrid
- Artistic Screen Printing Course. Graphic Artery. Madrid
- Ceramics Course. Ceramic Workshop Res. Madrid

2011 - Solo exhibition. “MÁGICO”. La Fresh Gallery (Madrid)
2009 - Solo exhibition. “A-N-I-M-A-L”. La Fresh Gallery (Madrid)
2009 - Collective exhibition. “Everything but the kistchen”. La Luz de Jesús Gallery. Los Angeles (California).
2008 - Collective exhibition. “Los niños Terribles”. Fast Gallery. Madrid.
2008 - Collective exhibition. La Fresh Gallery. Madrid.
2008 – Solo exhibition. “Revelación” FEM Festival Edición Madrid de Nuevos Creadores. Cultural center Casa de Vacas, El Retiro Park. Madrid.
2008 - Collective exhibition. “Calaveras” Max Luz space. Madrid.
2008 - Collective exhibition. “Work in progress” Cultural center San Prudencio. Talavera de la Reina. Toledo
2007 - Collective exhibition. “Las cosas del querer” Cultural center El Foro. Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid
2007 - Collective exhibition. “Geyperman se va de casa” Mad is Mad gallery. Madrid.
2007 - Collective exhibition. “Souvenirs” Berkana. Madrid.
2006 - Collective exhibition. “Fever Duck Show” Mercado del Borne gallery. Barcelona.
2006 - Collective exhibition. “La Naturaleza y la Noche” Espacio Valverde gallery. Madrid.
2006 - Collective exhibition. “Sexualidades” FESTIVAL VISIBLE. Cultural center El Foro. Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid.
2006 - Collective exhibition. “Osos, gamos, poneis y otros animales” FESTIVAL VISIBLE. Mad is Mad gallery. Madrid.
2006 - Quarterly exhibition. Mad is Mad gallery. Madrid.
2006 - Solo exhibition. “I love Rubenimichi” Arte de Guadalajara School.
2005 - Exhibition Art’s Factory Gallery. París.
2005 - Collective exhibition. Sneaker Pimps. Maxalot Gallery. Barcelona.
2004 - Collective exhibition. Iguapop Gallery. Barcelona.
2004 - “Retrátame”. Solo exhibition. Ateneo Cultural El Albéitar. León.
2001 - Solo exhibition. III Festimod Weekend. Zero 18 Chamber. Albacete.
2001 - “La Figura de Cristo en el Arte Actual”. El Cantíl Gallery. Santander (Catalogue).
2000 - ”San Sebastián Mártir”. El Foro cultural center. Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid.
2000 - Solo exhibition. Sala Häga. Madrid.
1999 - “Miss Labores”, tribute to Vainica Doble. Fine Arts Circle. Minerva Chamber. Madrid.
1998 - “Eurovisión 2000”. Talismán Gallery. Madrid.
1996 – Solo exhibition. Corazón Negro Chamber. Madrid.

2009. Prize XX Edition of the Plastic Arts Exhibition of the Principality of Asturias.