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La Fresh Gallery was born in December 2008 as a new private space dedicated to emerging art in Madrid and began its commercial and informative journey of new national and international values. At the head of this project, the also artist and gallery owner Topacio Fresh, who defines it as “a dynamic, lively, risky and versatile space, to give outlet to emerging talent and that these new values can show their work and develop them in optimal conditions of execution and disclosure”. La Fresh Gallery exhibits painting, drawing, photography and other multidisciplinary formulas of contemporary art (installation and video). It also aims to break flawed but usual practices of the artistic fabric, bringing artists closer to collectors and clients, trying to enable effective contact and dialogue between all agents in the art world to generate their own think tank and free and stimulating brainstorming. The selection of artists is based on exhaustive criteria, searching among young students, budding professionals, still little-known artists and some already more established, but all of them with an undeniable projection, both within the official and underground exhibition circuit.