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Iglesias Más (Walker)

Madrid 1964

Madrid is shown in light of the camera by Iglesias Mas as the city of a thousand faces, of a thousand states of mind. Sneaky and renewed on every walk.
Looking at the photos of Iglesias one has the impression that we live in a city full of works of art and that it is enough to look at its sidewalks and its facades to discover them. Some of the artists who print their works on the walls of Madrid, could very well do it on a canvas and have a place in the art market. For other spontaneouss the important thing is the gesture, the color note, the doodle, all mixed with the chance and inclement weather.
The photos of Iglesias Mas are full of matter and life, a daily life and at the same time mysterious and secret. And mostly sneaky. The urban walker treasures the daily memory of this city in transit, in case at some point we decide to rebuild it. A real treasure that I hope will reveal to us in future exhibitions, because Iglesias Mas is a photographer of wide registration, in the middle of the boiling period.

Pedro Almodóvar