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José Pedro Godoy, Chilean artist born in Santiago de Chile in 1985, holds his Bachelor of Visual Arts studies at the Pontifical Catholic University, where he developed and perfected his interest in the human figure.
After ten years of career, Godoy is positioned as one of the most promising young artists in Chile. His work grandly presents the pictorial discourse, through pieces of a spectacular nature that surrounds and is given by its large format, descriptive level and colorful images.
His painting has a classic aesthetic of allegorical and realistic paintings to which he incorporates contemporary elements inspired by baroque sensitivity, mixed with homoerotic sensuality.
The male nude, the landscape in its wildest manifestation, the history of art or the idealization of the human figure, are themes with which this young Chilean artist has been seducing the viewer and the art scene, awakening the interest of collectors and gallery owners at national and international level, taking his work to form part of private and public collections in Chile, Argentina, Spain, Denmark and the United States.

Main solo exhibition

Animales Salvajes, La Fresh Gallery, Madrid, Spain (2018)
Historia violenta y luminosa, Pinacoteca UDEC, Concepción, Chile (2018)
Historia violenta y luminosa, National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile (2016)
The Beloved, White Box NY, New York, USA (2013)
El Progreso del Amor, Museum of Visual Arts of Santiago, Chile (2012)
Heliogábalo, Gasco Hall, Santiago, Chile (2010)

Main Collective Samples

En Blanco, Art Hall of the Universidad Mayor, Temuco, Chile (2018)
Deseo, Museum of Modern Art of Medellín, Medellín, Colombia (2017)
Lo que ha dejado huellas, National Center for Contemporary Art (2017)
MAC Collection: Post 90 Contemporary Art Museum, Santiago, Chile (2017)
27 Pintores, XS Gallery, Santiago, Chile (2017)
Sub30, MAC Quinta Normal, Santiago, Chile (2014)
Menage a trois, Allegro Gallery, Panama City, Panama (2014)
Post Mortem, La Perrera Culture Centre, Santiago, Chile (2013)
Post Mortem, La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, Canada (2013)
En Blanco, Museum of Visual Arts of Santiago, Chile (2013)
Reality Show, Allegro Gallery, Panama City, Panama (2011)
XVII Biennial of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia (2010)
13 x 13, Talca University, Santiago, Chile (2010)
No Title, Matucana 100, Santiago, Chile (2009)
Clásico Universitario, Art Room CCU, Santiago, Chile (2009)
Paraíso, Gabriela Mistral Gallery, Santiago, Chile (2009)
Barroque, Valdivia Museum of Contemporary Art, Chile (2009)
Cruces, Valdivia Museum of Contemporary Art, Chile (2008)
Lanzamiento Sala Cero, Animal Gallery, Santiago, Chile (2008)
Lanzamiento Sala Cero, Animal Gallery, Santiago, Chile (2008)
Obsesiones Intermedias, Masotta Torres Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2008)
Segunda Mano, MUCHA, Mendoza, Argentina (2008)
El lugar de la fragilidad, Balmaceda 1215 Gallery, Santiago, Chile (2008)
Umbrales, Extension Center of the Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago, Chile (2008).

Main awards
Fondart award in 2012 and 2015.
Honorable mention in the contest Entre Ch.ACO y Finlandia (2010).
Second place in the Cabeza de Ratón contest organized by the Santiago Museum of Visual Arts (2008) for his artwork Naturaleza Quieta/Paisaje.
Finalist in the Illy Sustain Art Awards (ARCO Madrid, 2015) and Arte (Cutlog París, 2013).

Main publications
Figuras recortadas por otra luz (José Pedro Godoy, Editorial Puro Chile, Santiago, Chile, 2017)
El Progreso del Amor catalogue (2012)
Heliogábalo catalogue (2010)
Sub30 (Jorge González Lohse Ed. Editorial Ocho Libros, Santiago, Chile, 2014), Revisión Técnica (Jorge González Lohse Ed. Editorial Ocho Libros, Santiago, Chile, 2010)
Desmemoria y Perversión (Fernando Blanco, Editorial Cuarto Propio, Santiago, Chile, 2010)

Main art fairs
ARCO Madrid section Solo Projects: Focus Latinoamérica (2015)
Pinta NY
Cutlog Paris
Cutlog NY
Art Scope
Art Miami